Writing about writing: Splitting a story

The latest installment of a series on writing about the articles I write for the Wire. You can read the first one here. My last assignment was to write about adult education in the Seacoast. Our area happens to have a lot of great adult education courses, especially in Kittery, ME, and Dover, NH. I … Continue reading

Writing an article

I’m always curious about how writers write. After a few months of writing regularly for the Wire, I’ve nailed down my own personal process for newsy, feature stories that I have about a week to write. Here it is, from assignment to turning in: Pitch: I pitch my editor, or she pitches me, and after … Continue reading

Writing about writing: Women at Work

I thought it might be interesting to post a little bit about process, since one thing I’m always curious about is how writers go about the business of writing. Here is a bit of behind-the-scenes about an article I recently wrote. My latest article at the Wire is Women at Work, a profile piece about … Continue reading